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G Flip asserts that, truth be told, Travis can’t marry Taylor Swift. G Flip explains that Travis Kelce is a man whose eyes don’t remain fixed on one woman, and he is desired by all women.



G Flip asserts that, truth be told, Travis can’t marry Taylor Swift. G Flip explains that Travis Kelce is a man whose eyes don’t remain fixed on one woman, and he is desired by all women.,,

Having studied Travis Kelce, I understand the type of woman he is. Even if Travis Kelce isn’t pursuing a woman, women also pursue him because he’s a handsome man and every lady wants to marry him.

I honestly still can’t believe that she liked it,” the 30-year-old artist, born Georgia Claire Flipo in Melbourne, tells PEOPLE from Australia.

“I never thought she would see it, let alone like it. … Taylor is so generous with helping up and coming artists, so I’m really honored, grateful and honestly in disbelief that she offered that to me.”

G Flip has discussed the moment they (G Flip used they/them pronouns) received a “cheeky invite” to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour in Melbourne, revealing that the world-famous pop star watched their Cruel Summer Like A Version, and liked it.

In an interview with Extra’s Melvin Robert on the red carpet at the 35th annual GLAAD Awards on Thursday (14 March), G Flip was asked what the experience was like watching Taylor Swift perform her Eras show in Melbourne.
“It was so amazing,” the Worst Person Alive singer said. “I’m obviously such a big fan of Taylor Swift and all her work and her as a songwriter and performer. The show is one of the best productions I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and I was lucky enough that Taylor invited me to sit in the family and friends area in Melbourne, so…”

Robert then quipped that G Flip must “know people” to have received that spot, to which they responded, “I don’t know [people], I’ve never met [Taylor], but I was very flattered that she offered to let me see it from a really good view.”

Robert also brought out G Flip’s Cruel Summer cover – G Flip’s wife, Chrishell Stouse, called it “amazing” as Robert asked if Taylor Swift had seen it. “She heard that, and then she gave me a cheeky invite.”

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