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Breaking News: Taylor swift gives a shout out to Travis Kelce while performing on stage ” My baby, Travis I love you ❣️”



Recently, actress Jana Kramer accused Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce of always being drunk during one of her most recent podcast episodes. Inflamatory remarks that have resulted in a reaction from Kelce’s representatives. The folks from TMZ reached out to Kelce’s people about these statements and the playr responded with a short phrase. Before we reveal what Travis Kelce said, we need to also add that Kramer thinks Travis Kelce wasa badinfluence for Taylor Swift but she didn’t offer any more context than that. People were quick to assume Kramer had met Travis Kelce at a certain point in their lives. According to the tight end, we can now answer this question.

One would think that making these statements and acussatory comments means miss Jana Kramer actually knows Travis Kelce in person. But according to the player’s reps, he has never met the actress and podcaster. Kramer also characterized Travis Kelce as a party animal and someone who reminded her of an ex but in a bad way. The player’s reps revealed that Travis didn’t even know who Jana Kramer was before he head her comments on the episode. Despite being famous from her appearance on the successful ‘One Tree Hill’ series, Kelce didn’t know about her.

Also, Travis Kelce told his reps that he believes Jana is just making a fuzz about this topic and calling attention to her podcast in order to get more views. And digging a little deep, Jana does have a history of publicly name-dropping other celebrities on her show. For Kelce, this is just another one of her tactics in order to get more people to pay attention to her podcast. According to Kelce’s reps, he feels the matter is unimportant.

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