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Breaking news : Kate felt betrayed and bitter – Prince William set to Marry another wife ,He gave the announcement 30mins ago and His two main reason



The Prince and Princess of Wales’ love story is very well-known and famously began at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, with the couple celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary earlier this year.

After three children and recent updates to their hugely important ceremonial roles, the couple appear as in love as ever.

While much of their relationship is kept private, the couple are clearly comfortable sharing a glimpse of their marriage with members of the public during engagements.

Body language expert Judi James has examined the signals the royal couple use to convey their romance when on a public platform and reveals one particularly sweet method Prince William uses.

Speaking to the Express , Judi explains: “William and Kate have been keeping royal fans, and each other, supplied with a stream of romantic gestures, tie-signs and touch rituals since they first married, but their technique seems to be driven by inclusion.

“We can see they are a romantic and in-love couple but they never allow their body language rituals together to exclude the viewer.”
Adding that the Prince and Princess prefer to be understated when it comes to public displays of affection, Judi adds: “Subtlety is vital for their public role and as royals, they provide signals that they are a strong couple (which is important after the dysfunctional relationship dramas of the previous generation of royals) but that they maintain an even, steady emotional trend rather than a soap opera of passionate highs and lows.

“When they enter one another’s personal space on tours and visits, William, in particular, seems to be unable to avoid breaking what often seems to be his own rules of non-tactile public behaviour and intensifying the romance of the moment via gestures like this little nuzzling kiss of her hair.

“The gestures are often more for him than her as she might not even be aware at that moment but this is a trait many couples will share.

“Proximity will suddenly bombard the senses, meaning William will smell Kate’s perfume or her hair as he suddenly moves into her close orbit, making him motivated by the desire to get even closer and involve touch, too.”

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