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Big congratulations to Taylor Swift met her ex-boyfriend from 14 years ago, Taylor Lautner, and they were still happy to see each other, exchanging a warm and friendly hug. It’s evident that they still respect each other after all these years, and let’s also acknowledge and respect the past relationship they shared.



Taylor Swift Shares Heartfelt Hug with Ex Taylor Lautner Onstage After Re-Releasing Song About Their Romance
In a touching moment that delighted fans, Taylor Swift shared a heartfelt hug with her ex-boyfriend, Taylor Lautner, onstage. This emotional reunion followed the pop star’s re-release of a tender song about their romance, which first captivated audiences 14 years ago.

Yes, Bridgerton‘s Victor Alli has seen those angsty Francesca and John videos set to Taylor Swift‘s most heartbreaking songs

. “I’ve seen a lot of videos and been tagged in a lot of posts,” Alli exclusively told Us Weekly about the overwhelming response to him joining the show as John Stirling. “And [with those] Taylor Swift lyrics — my publicist actually sent me a picture of John and Francesca with those Taylor Swift lyrics.” Bridgerton fans who’ve read Julia Quinn‘s books that inspired the series have been really in their feelings when it comes to Francesca (Hannah Dodd) and John’s season 3 love story Due to [spoiler alert!] John’s death in Francesca’s novel,

When He Was Wicked, many viewers have already started to create fan videos that foreshadow the sad end for the fictional couple using songs such as “The Prophecy” and “loml” from The Tortured Poets Department. “[Some of Taylor’s lyrics] are so similar to their story. [But] it’s like, ‘Just let the scenes happen.’ I’m just like, ‘I don’t wanna start grieving John already,’” Alli joked about the fans hinting at John’s fate before it’s happened on screen. “Everyone’s like, ‘He’s dead already.’”

Season 3 of the hit Netflix series, which started streaming earlier this month, appeared to be laying the groundwork for Francesca’s bittersweet union with John by introducing Alli in the fan-favorite role. According to When He Was Wicked, Francesca’s relationship with John comes to an end due to a sudden death. His title was passed on to his cousin Michael Stirling, who is Francesca’s next love interest.

Alli understands that fans who know what is in store for John are prematurely mourning the character because of how well Bridgerton introduced the character — and explored his sweet courtship with Francesca.

“It is nice that people are invested. It’s nice that people know the story

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