You have always be a great in law to me as Travis Kelce expains how Taylor Swift’s brother made him feel like a child

Both Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift fans want to know how the couple spent the holiday and what they were gifted for Christmas. During Friday’s Kelce family special ‘New Heights’ episode, the Kansas City Chiefs’ TE did mention a gift he got from Taylor’s brother, Austin Swift. As it turns out, he knew exactly what to give Travis Kelce as a Christmas gift. In fact, this gift took Travis back to his childhood days because it was a VHS tape of his favorite fotball film of all time. This movie is none other than ‘The Little Giants’. If you haven’t seen this film and you love football, do yourself a favor and find the place it is streaming so you can enjoy it.

Travis Kelce spoke about this gift from his brother in law, but he also talked about how miserable he felt because his team had just lost against the Las Vegas Raiders. This is what he said on his podcast: “He actually made me feel like a child because his gift to me was straight out of the bag. Whipped it out and handed me a VHS of my favorite football movie of all time. I got a VHS tape from…a VHS Little Giants movie. F*ck, the worst. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve had better. It ended well with good Christmas cheer and great people. And that’s that’s always gonna save Christmas no matter if you lose to the Raiders or not so.”

Taylor and Travis’ families support their romance
What has become clear after only a few months dating is that both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s families are over the moon with this new romance. On both sides, they are convinced they are a great match and they actually have a future together. Simply by looking at their demeanor, people can tell they are doing everything to make this relationship thrive. Fans also want to know if these two will also spend New Year’s Eve together.