With Angel Reese Smashing a Double-Double, the LSU Star Underlines What Betters Her Chemistry With Aneesah Morrow

LSU's Angel Reese Earns 10th SEC Player of the Week Honor
LSU's Angel Reese Earns 10th SEC Player of the Week Honor

The Louisiana State University Lady Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center on Sunday. With this win the LSU now have a 21-4 record in the regular season along with an 8-3 tally in the conference. One of the major reasons for the LSU’s brilliance this season has been the chemistry between their star players Angel Reese and Aneesah Morrow, and the Bayou Barbie just gave out the secret of what betters their chemistry.

Reese was present during the post-match press conference and was candidly answering questions. One such question that caught the fancy of a lot of media representatives was regarding the tough challenges that Reese faces on the court.

The 21-year-old was asked about her mindset when the opponents show resistance, especially by fronting or doubling on her. Reese with her words of wisdom gave a glimpse of her gaming acumen and how it has helped her chemistry with Morrow rather than sinking their team.

“What makes my job easier is because I know my teammates are going to knock the shot down I mean I did have six assists tonight so just being able to pass to my teammates that I know are gonna make those shots,” Reese divulged.

“I mean, if they double me, then you know, somebody else is great open, so I don’t have to worry that when I do get double teams, I know how to kick it out and see where my teammates are. And they know I’m gonna get doubled most of the times, so they’re open… Like you said, me and Aneesah’s chemistry has just keep growing and growing,” Reese stated.