Which son is Mama Kelce rooting for on Monday? She roots for offense. And the shirt that says so doubles as a fundraiser that benefits the Heights Schools Foundation.

Thanks to their storied careers and success with numerous off-field ventures, Jason and Travis Kelce have transformed into household names. The pair of brothers will meet for the fifth time in their professional playing careers with Travis and the Chiefs boasting a 4-0 record over Jason and the Eagles during those matchups, including the Chiefs’ 38-35 victory in Super Bowl LVII.

As the Kelce brothers have made it into the spotlight, so has their mother, Donna Kelce. Ahead of Monday’s game, Donna, Jason, and Travis have partnered with HOMAGE and debuted a T-shirt that declares “Mama Kelce” is “Rooting for the Offense,” with a portion of proceeds benefiting the Heights Schools Foundation in the family’s native Cleveland Heights, Ohio area.

“It is so very important for me to help support Cleveland Heights School Foundation, because the coaches, teachers, students, and parents were so instrumental in helping me and their father [Ed] teach my boys invaluable life lessons,” Donna Kelce told The Inquirer. “Not just about academic studies, but how to live life by being inclusive, embracing differences and by showing equality. There are so many wonderful cultures in that school system that my children had a chance to gain knowledge about.

“I am convinced that the Cleveland Heights Foundation will continue the work to allow all students to be able to chase their dreams, who otherwise would not have had that opportunity.”

Jason graduated from Heights High in 2006, while Travis graduated in 2008. According to the Heights School Foundation, the organization provides scholarships, teacher grants, and programming to current students and staff in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights schools, where needs based assistance is received by more than 71% of students.

“I think my Mom has kind of been caught in the middle of all this stuff, but I think obviously she is in a great spot with where she’s at, and how she’s able to create something really good out of this next game featuring me and Trav,” Jason Kelce said. “For her to be in this position, to help provide support out of any situation, it’s not surprising at all.”

The “Mama Kelce Rooting For The Offense” T-shirt is available for purchase on HOMAGE’s website.

“I do not need a reason to root for my boys,” Donna Kelce said. “I would do that, even if they were on the field at the same time. As long as they feel that they have given their best — that’s all that matters. It’s easy for me to root for them individually, because they bring it each and every game. By the very fact that both of them are on the offense, it just makes it easier to navigate the questioning by the interviewers when they pressed me to answer, which son I would be rooting for.”