What do Taylor Swift and the Lowe family have in common? They both love to cheer for the Chiefs!

Hattie Lowe is an energetic 2-year-old who loves to cheer for her favorite football player — Taylor Swift.

In the sweet viral Instagram video posted by her mother, Jordan Lowe, Hattie, adorably dressed in her cousins’ hand-me-down Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader outfit, says, “I’m so excited for football.”

Lowe follows up by asking, “Can you tell me what you like about football?”

“No, thank you,” replies the polite and self-assured Hattie, who is known in her family for using big words.

“Who’s playing football?” Lowe asks.

Much like every Taylor Swift fan who only started paying attention to the NFL once their Travis Kelce era began, Hattie replies, “I … I don’t know. I don’t know