“We Got Addicted”: Jason & Travis Kelce Just Can’t Stop Watching ‘Law & Order’ as Soon as They Hear ‘Dun Dun’

In a world where sports and entertainment often intersect, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce have had a lasting presence. The duo has a podcast, where they kick back and relax from their football schedule, discussing all sorts of topics. During their recent banter session, the Kelce brothers revealed one of their unexpected passions: their unshakable love for the iconic TV series ‘Law & Order’.

Their candid discussion on the latest episode of the ‘New Heights podcast‘ featured their interest in the crime show. The Kelce brothers, like many of us, find themselves irresistibly drawn to the world of ‘Law & Order’.

Jason initially admitted his addiction to anything crime-related, especially when it comes to this show. He said, “Listen, we watched enough law and order with Pop that I think we got addicted to anything crime-related.” Travis echoed this sentiment, confessing that a mere five minutes turns into an hour or more when he watches this show.

Jason further added, “Oh, I’m in; I’ll never turn it on, but if I ever just hear Dun Dun. Hell yeah, just sit down. Here we go!” Their playful banter revealed preferences for the original series versus the Special Victims Unit (SVU), highlighting a common household debate for many fans.

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Jason added, “I think they were both good; SVU was more diabolical.” Travis laughingly denied the meaning of this word. Jason said, stating the difference between the two: “The original ‘Law & Order’ is like murder; there’s something about SVU crimes, that you’re just like, yeah, this guy is a bad guy.” They also revealed that they started this obsession with their dad, who used to watch the show all the time.

Travis Kelce and Jason’s love for football movies
Moving from their well-known territory of football to the sector of films, Jason and Travis Kelce share a strong fondness for football-themed movies. This matter came up in an earlier episode of their podcast.

The duo stated that these movies were more than entertainment for them. They recalled moments from their past by watching these movies, which also made them realize their love for football. Travis, in particular, enjoys ‘Little Giants’, a film that takes him lower back to his younger days, and he additionally holds ‘Remember the Titans’ very close to his heart, praising its high-quality cast and impactful storyline.