Viral video sparks controversy as Inconsolable Patrick Mahomes cries out in pains, “Love you Momma”

Viral video sparks controversy as Inconsolable Patrick Mahomes cries out in pains, “Love you Momma”


Patrick Mahomes and his family are having a tough offseason. Despite the Super Bowl MVP leading the Kansas City Chiefs to their second Super Bowl Trophy in the last four years, Mahomes along with his family find themselves with heavy hearts. His mother, Randi Mahomes, earlier shared the news of Patrick Mahomes’ grandmother, Debbie Martin, being in critical condition and having to be hospitalized. Since then, the situation has taken a rather unfortunate turn.


"I Can't Pretend It Anymore, The Pain Is Too Much "Patrick Mahomes Cries For Help

The passing of Debbie Martin has come as a shock to the entire Mahomes household. But perhaps the most shaken up is Patrick Mahomes’ mother, Randi Mahomes. Remembering the impact and life of her mother, Randi Mahomes took to social media to honor Debbie Martin’s memories.



Randi Mahomes shares bittersweet memories

Sharing the news of Debbie Martin’s sad demise was not the first thing that popped up in Randi Mahomes’ mind. Rather the mother of three was mourning the loss of her eternal pillar of strength. Randi Mahomes and her mother, Debbie Martin, were each other’s best friends and the biggest supporters of Patrick Mahomes. The two formed a partnership when it came to Randi raising her kids as a single mother after her divorce from Patrick Mahomes Sr. in 2006.



Needless to say, Randi Mahomes was heartbroken at losing her mother.

Remembering the life and times of her mother, Randi Mahomes recently took to Instagram to share some of the joyous moments Debbie had over the years. The montage perfectly showcased the lively spirit of Debbie Martin and the love she had for her daughter and her grandkids. It is safe to assume that the Mahomes family will leave no stone unturned for Martin’s memorial service as they even created a life tribute page for people to share their memories of Martin.



Right alongside the post, was a message by Randi Mahomes to her mother, “I love you, momma, I will see you again in Heaven,”

While Randi Mahomes hopes to reunite with Debbie Martin, she still has to watch over her children paving the way for themselves. Her mother was Mahomes’ biggest supporter and shared heart-touching moments with her grandson and was incredibly proud of how far he has come.

Mahomes’ biggest supporter

Debbie Martin might just have been Mahomes’ biggest supporter. Even during his early days of throwing passes at Whitehouse High School, it was his grandmother who would regularly share words of encouragement with a young Patrick. Mahomes’ doting grandmother has had a front seat to him creating history and even shared their feelings back in 2019,


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“I can’t believe it’s all happening. He’s only 23 years old. And Kansas City’s had him a year. I just wish to have more billboards as they have in Kansas City here in Tyler. Because Patrick is a bought-house kid. He hadn’t changed and will always be Patrick.” said a proud Debbie Martin.


Viral video sparks controversy as Inconsolable Patrick Mahomes cries out in pains, “Love you Momma”

Even during the Super Bowl LVII season, Martin was busy making wagers with her grandson. As it turns out, Martin made a wager that she would chug a Coors if Patrick and the Kansas City Chiefs returned to the Super Bowl. Despite losing the bet, an elated Debbie kept her end of the bargain while reveling in her grandson’s achievements.


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