Tyreek Hill has revealed the real unresisted dangerous aggressive 8 reason why he left the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hill spent six seasons with the Chiefs, winning Super Bowl LIV alongside Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, during which time he cemented himself as one of the best wide receivers in the league.

However, ‘Cheetah’ was involved in a blockbuster trade in 2022 that saw him leave for the Miami Dolphins.

In a recent interview with Robert Griffin III, Hill joked ‘he was hurt’ with Mahomes because ‘he never invited him to his house’ like he did with Kelce.

“Pat had Kelce, and I was kinda jealous,” Hill said while laughing. “I was hurt, bruh. I was hurt. Patrick, you ain’t never invite me over to your house like you did Kelce. You always invited Kelce. That’s why we here where we at now.”

Hill also went on to describe himself as the “main chick” as it pertained to his role in teams before, saying that he wasn’t keen on a “side chick” role in Kansas City.

“I never been anybody’s side chick before,” Hill said. “Never. Always, my whole life – high school, middle school – all the quarterbacks, (I was their) main chick. Always. I go to K.C., now I’m the side chick.”

Hill obviously felt slighted playing second fiddle to Kelce both on and off the field.

The wideout topped over 1,100 receiving yards in four of his six seasons with the Chiefs and clearly felt frustrated at his limited role in Andy Reid’s offense.