Travis, the tight end was with Maya Benberry throughout the Night see what is happening..

The internet just cannot stop talking about its favorite couple, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. While the world knows about the dating history of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce’s is yet to be explored.

Talking about Travis, the tight end’s first popular relationship was with Maya Benberry. Travis and Maya met through a dating show called Catching Kelce, the end goal of which was to find Travis’ date.

But who exactly is Maya Benberry, and what was her relationship like with the Chiefs star tight end? Keep reading to know every important detail of Travis Kelce’s first internet-popular relationship.

Who is Maya Benberry?
Maya Benberry was born on December 27, 1991, in Germany. As of 2023, Maya is 31 years old.

Where is Maya Benberry?
Even though she is originally from Germany and comes from a well-settled family, she has spent a good time living in Kentucky, USA. Currently, she resides in Kansas City. Despite being a child from Germany, she holds US citizenship, which came from spending the majority of her life here.

What did Maya Benberry study?
Maya Benberry had her primary education at a local elementary school in Kentucky, after which she went to the Kentucky local middle school. After completing her middle school studies, Benberry decided to go to a local high school in the same southeastern state as she completed her junior year. Later, after completing her graduation from high school, she enrolled herself at the Kentucky State University for an Elementary Education degree.

How did Maya Benberry and Travis Kelce meet?
Maya Benberry was one of the 50 contestants on the reality show called Catching Kelce back in 2016. The basic idea of this reality show is to find a perfect partner for sports icon Travis Kelce, who was single back then and looking for a relationship.

Out of the 50 contestants, Maya Benberry won the show by stealing Travis Kelce’s heart. It is this show that gave the opportunity to not just Travis Kelce but Maya Benberry, too, to date Chiefs tight end. And that’s what happened. The two were happy with each other until a few months ago.