Travis Kelce’s Mom Reportedly Backs Taylor Swift’s Kiss with five words After the Duo Hang Out in Argentina

The Kelce Swift romance is blossoming with each passing day. The Kansas City Chiefs TE and pop icon Taylor Swift are making netizens go crazy once again. The duo has finally expressed what needed to be said. And thanks to the latest updates surrounding the power couple, the whole world is going gaga over them. Reportedly, Mama Kelce is also adding to the ongoing conversations.

On Sunday, when Swift was performing in Buenos Aires for her Eras tour, Travis Kelce flew in to attend her concert. Not only that, the tight end also appeared to be getting along with the pop icon’s dad. But the NFL star was in for a big surprise. Now, following a very public yet romantic kiss, it seems the singing sensation has all the support from Mama Kelce.

Donna on the kiss between Travis Kelce and Swift

On Sunday night, as soon as Swift finished her performance, she ran towards Travis, who was standing in the VIP section. He took her in his arms, and they shared a kiss. Well, the crowd went berserk and started cheering for the lovebirds. After this incident, the video of the duo kissing went viral. Inevitably, the news reached Kelce’s mom, Donna, as well.

The TE’s mother couldn’t help herself as she reportedly commented, “This makes a mama happy,” on a video of the kiss. She has no issues with the very public kiss between her son and Taylor Swift.

Interestingly, the update posted by the YouTube channel Miffin also highlighted an additional aspect of this interaction. They pointed out that Donna had earlier tried throwing shade at the pop star. However, this news was more or less speculated by the fans.

Despite her reported enthusiasm after the kiss between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, she gave a very enigmatic interview previously. In that interview, when Donna was asked what meeting Taylor was like, she replied, “It was okay.” These three words were enough to unleash comments from fans in favor of Swift, as they believed Mama Kelce to be throwing shade at the pop icon.

However, all these discussions are not very relevant as she mostly remained mum about the pop diva. But, the memorable kiss wasn’t the only highlight of the Eras Tour in Argentina. Tay-Tay had another surprise ready for the tight end. One that got him blushing!

Swift changed the lyrics of her song
It’s not just a public kiss that is breaking the internet; there was another special gift for Kelce. Swift changed the lyrics of her song to express her affection toward Travis. Swift sang, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.” whereas the original lyrics are, “Karma is the guy on the screen, coming straight home to me.”

While singing the song, Swift could be seen giggling. What’s more, Kelce blushed, burying his face in his hands. Swift’s dad was also present at the concert, right next to Travis Kelce, and he was enthusiastically screaming for the happy couple. After the concert, Kelce and Swift left the venue together.

Meanwhile, this romantic weekend for Swift and Kelce has come to an end, as both have separate duties to tend to. With Taylor on her tour and Kelce gearing up for the playoffs, the couple are returning to their commitments. But fans will surely be looking forward to more of such appearances from the lovebirds.