Travis Kelce’s managers are worried he is getting TOO famous amid Taylor Swift romance… and they plan to reduce his TV commercial time and prioritize ‘authenticity first’

Travis Kelce’s managers are worried that fans might become sick of the sight of the Kansas City Chiefs star as the media continues to be inundated with him.

Kelce’s celebrity profile hit dizzying heights in 2023 amid his romance with Taylor Swift, with the A-List couple dating since the summer.

But he already had an established level of fame both on and off the football field, which has been carefully curated by his managers, André and Aaron Eanes.

The Eanes brothers, who run A&A Management and signed Kelce as the company’s second client, had projected to make the tight end as famous as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson but now worry his fame might have gone too far.

The increased attention the NFL star has garnered amid his love story with 12-time Grammy Award-winning girlfriend Swift has raised concern within his camp that the world is becoming oversaturated with Kelce.

The Eanes twins told the New York Times that they worry the world could grow numb to the sight of Kelce, if there is too much of him in the media.

The issue has led to a new game plan for 2024, Aaron explained, one that centers around carefully curating Kelce’s brand.

He said the New Year will bring fewer deals with a focus on ‘quality over quantity’ and ‘authenticity first’.

Andre and Aaron have already successfully built up a profile for their Super Bowl-winning client – one that stands out from the average NFL player.

Throughout 2023, Kelce has landed advertisement deals with Pfizer and Experian and even hosting Saturday Night Live.

Back in October, Kelce filed for five trademarks on phrases, including his own name.

In addition to his name, the NFL player is reportedly also looking to trademark his Instagram handle, ‘Killlatrav,’ his signature catchphrase, ‘Alright Nah,’ a reference to his jersey number, ‘Flight 87,’ and ‘Kelce’s Krunch.’

The ‘Killatrav’ filing states that its intended purpose is for jewelry, including label pins.

Kelce launched his limited edition ‘Kelce Krunch’ cereal last year after signing a multi-year endorsement deal with grocery store chain Hy-Vee, in 2021, with some of the proceeds going to his foundation.

The ‘Flight 87′ trademark is a nod to his jersey number, which also features in Kelce’s other endeavors, including his foundation, ’87 & Running.’ Its filing also states its intended purpose is jewelry.

Both his social media handle and ‘Alright Nah’ catchphrase were well-known and associated with Kelce by NFL fans, with the latter popularized by his frequent use of it during his ‘New Heights’ podcast with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.

The podcast has been a hit and was even crowned Spotify’s No. 1 sports podcast in November and the No. 3 most-followed overall show on Apple Podcasts.

It also helped catch the attention of Swift after Kelce used the platform to reveal he had wanted to give her his number.

Kelce, now infamously, first tried to capture Swift’s attention when he attended her Eras Tour show at Arrowhead stadium in July, revealing on his New Heights podcast later in the summer that he made a friendship bracelet with his number on to give to the pop icon.

He failed to meet Swift behind the scenes of her sold-out tour but his ‘metal’ podcast antics eventually caught her attention with the songstress revealing they began dating immediately.