Travis Kelce unfollow ex Kayla Nicole after she posted flirty message for Jalen Hurts on social media? Find out

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole’s past relationship may still be a sensitive subject for the Chiefs tight end. Kayla recently tried sparking conversation with Jalen Hurts on Twitter, which likely did not sit well with Travis given their history.

Is Travis Kelce jealous of Kayla Nicole trying to flirt with Jalen Hurts?
For those who don’t know who Kayla Nicole is, she is Travis Kelce’s longest relationship. They had an on-off relationship, but it ended for good in 2022. Although Kelce is currently dating Taylor Swift, some of his recent actions suggest that he may be feeling jealous.

Kayla Nicole recently tried flirting with Jalen Hurts through Twitter. She reshared the NBA’s Tweet featuring Jalen Hurts, who was attending the Philadelphia 79ers and Los Angeles Lakers game. “Fly Eagles Fly,” she wrote, resharing that Tweet by NBA.

That Tweet was followed by another Tweet, which was for her fans who spotted her trying to flirt with Jalen Hurts. “Y’all have eyes too,” she wrote. Interestingly, there were many fans who didn’t like her attempting to flirt with Jalen Hurts, reminding her that he’s already committed.

Apart from fans, her ex, Travis Kelce also didn’t seem to enjoy her flirting with a quarterback from the team his brother Jason Kelce plays for. Why do we say that? Well, just after that post, Travis Kelce unfollowed her on Twitter.