Travis Kelce Tackles ‘Two Things at Once’ in

Travis Kelce is urging people to get their flu shot at the same time as their updated Covid vaccine in a new campaign for vaccine manufacturer Pfizer.

Travis, did you know you can get this season’s Covid-19 shot when you get your flu shot?” a pharmacist asks him while he’s sitting in a drug store.

She’s referring to the CDC’s recent announcement that you can get both vaccines at the same time — and the recommendation that everyone 6 months and older receive an updated COVID shot to combat the prevailing Omicron XBB variants.

Huh, two things at once,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end muses, imagining himself pairing activities that absolutely do not belong together — like grilling burgers while driving a riding lawn mower, or doing an interview while bench-pressing a reporter.

In the video’s final shot, Travis, 33, holds his fist out to show his two diamond-studded Super Bowl rings — from 2020 and 2023 — proclaiming “two things at once.”

“That’s not two things at once,” his mom, Donna Kelce, says, causing Travis to whine, “Mom!”

At the end of the video, Travis shows off two Band-aids on his arm — one for the flu shot, and one for the covid shot.

“With my schedule, saving time is key. The CDC says you can get this season’s updated COVID-19 shot when you get your flu shot if you’re due for both. That’s why I got two shots in one stop!” he wrote in the caption.