Travis Kelce spills his lonely Thanksgiving reasons why Taylor Swift is not in attendance

Taylor Swift’s shift from a Philadelphia Eagles enthusiast to a Kansas City Chiefs supporter has garnered significant attention, especially since her relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce came into the spotlight.

Swift, a native of Philadelphia, has always been vocal about her roots and preferences. In a heartfelt revelation during a concert in May, she clarified a lyric from one of her songs, saying, “With my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door.” She confirmed, “I’m from Philly. Of course, it’s the team,” emphasizing her loyalty to the Philadelphia Eagles and dispelling any confusion about the reference being to the rock band Eagles.

However, the dynamics of her NFL allegiance took an interesting turn with her dating Travis Kelce. This romance intertwines her with the Kansas City Chiefs but interestingly keeps her connected to the Eagles, as Travis’s brother, Jason Kelce, plays for Philadelphia. This connection offers a unique blend of loyalties for Swift.