Travis Kelce labelled ‘mommy’s boy’ after fans rediscover footage of him making dinner request during game

Travis Kelce has been in the news a lot of as late. His blossoming relationship with Taylor Swift has seen his profile grow exponentially, with even brother Jason recognizing that this is a stratospheric level of fame even by the Kelce’s standards.

Travis has been in the spotlight 24/7 as of late, as frenzied fans try to discover more about him. In recent weeks, the Chiefs tight end was called out for some tweets that dated back as early as the 2010’s, which contained what were labelled as sexist comments.

As fans continue to deep dive into his internet activity, more and more old footage is coming to light. The latest content involving the player to catch the attention of fans has been a video from his early playing days at the Chiefs, precisely in 2014.

In the video, which has gone viral almost ten years after it initially surfaced, Kelce – who appeared to be mic’d up- can be heard making a rather bizarre request to a Chiefs staffer during the game, inolving his mum Donna.

“Hey. Can you call my mother from that phone right there?” asks Kelce. After some hesitation from the staffer, the player insisted: “I don’t want the macaroni and cheese with the regular noodles. I want the gnocchi. How do you say it?”

The two looked at each other, both unsure about how to correctly pronounce the unique Italian pasta and after some debate, the member of staff seemed willing to comply with the request.

It’s no secret that the Kelce boys have an extremely close relationship with their mother who, on many occasions, has gone viral because of her adorable reactions while watching her sons play.