Travis Kelce is being applauded for understanding a mom’s mental load

In addition to being a two-time Super Bowl champ, the all-time leading receiver in Chiefs franchise history and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce is also a fully-evolved defender of moms everywhere.


Travis hosts the “New Heights” podcast along with his brother Jason Kelce, a father of three who was recently acknowledged as one of People’s Sexiest Men of the Year. The brothers faced each other in the Super Bowl in February (Travis with the Kansas City Chiefs and Jason with the Philadelphia Eagles), and Travis ultimately brought home the win.

The Kelces will face each other on the field again on Monday, Nov. 20. Will there be brotherly love? Or a brotherly shove?

You can see the sibling rivalry appear on an episode of the podcast when the pair discussed Jason’s … ahem … casual lewk at the premiere of his Prime Video documentary that is titled simply, “Kelce.”

“We had a picture of you on the green carpet — not the red carpet. You really got dressed up,” deadpanned Travis about the press photos of Jason wearing a T-shirt, shorts and flip flops.


“I was gonna have jeans on but Kylie …” Jason started to blame his wife.

“Kylie what?” Travis challenged him on the podcast.

“Kylie was running late. I just came straight from football. Kylie was going to bring the jeans. Kylie was late,” Jason said.

Travis responded with a question we were all was silently thinking:

“Why didn’t Jason bring jeans for Jason?”

Exactly, Jason.

Jason started to hesitate as he responded, “Because I was at football. And I needed the jeans for after football. I’m not going to wear jeans all day. That just doesn’t sound fun.”

You know what else doesn’t sound fun? Being responsible for dressing your perfectly capable husband.

To his credit, Jason sees the error of his ways, thanks to his brother’s teasing.

As Travis snickered and made faces, Jason said, “Alright I’m realizing now, I probably can’t blame Kylie for this. Soooo, yeah, I wore shorts and sandals.”