Travis Kelce Defends Brother Jason’s ‘Dual Nerd and Jock’ Past

Travis Kelce and older brother Jason Kelce took a walk down memory lane to their high school days in the newest episode of their podcast after a fan claimed to have the latter’s marching band folder.

In the episode of New Heights released on Dec. 20, a listener, who claimed to have gone to the same high school as the brothers, took a photo of a band folder with Jason’s name on it. But Jason kindly noted, “I don’t mean to be rude, but I was not in marching band. So I don’t know where this folder comes from,” refuting the idea.

Still, Travis went along with it, imagining a version of young Jason who would dominate in a football game before joining the band with his saxophone at halftime.

He went on, “Don’t act like you weren’t a dual nerd and jock. That’s why you were prom king. Because everybody loved you.”

While Jason further clarified, “I was not prom king, either,” Travis pushed on, declaring, “You were in my heart.”

Despite Jason not being a part of the marching band in high school, the “dual nerd and jock” past is still arguable, as he admitted to being a member of the symphonic band and jazz ensemble playing bass saxophone.

He also said he “also learned bass clarinet, screwed around with the trombone in the jazz lab for a little bit,” before shyly adding, “I hate to admit this, but I did play a little flute on one of the jazz songs.” Travis didn’t seem to understand why Jason would hesitate to say that, with his older brother explaining, “It’s not the manliest.”

But after a moment, Jason seemed to gather some pride about it, joking around, “You know what? I was like Jethro Tull out there,” referring to Ian Anderson of the band Jethro Tull’s well-known skills with the flute.

With any luck, Jason might break out the saxophone or flute again and play a tune for the fans.