Travis and Jason Kelce’s mom Donna says she wasn’t disappointed Taylor Swift missed the Kansas City vs. Philadelphia game because ‘I’m here to see my sons’

Seventy-six thousand fans poured into Arrowhead stadium last night to watch the most hotly anticipated football game of the season that ended in an Eagles victory over the Chiefs.

Some were there for the Philadelphia Eagles hoping for the win that eluded them in the Super Bowl. Some were rooting for the home team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Others had hoped for a glimpse of Taylor Swift.

Speaking exclusively ahead of the game she admitted she wasn’t disappointed that Swift was unable to attend and explained, ‘I’m here to see my sons so no I’m not disappointed she’s not here.

‘She’s wonderful and when she comes it’s great but for me it’s about them.’

Donna said she understood fans’ keen interest in her younger son’s relationship with the billionaire popstar and didn’t mind it at all.

She said, ‘I understand it. It’s a happy story and I understand people want that.’

For her part she said, ‘I’m just happy for my son.’

In the end Jason’s Eagles exacted revenge over Travis’ Chiefs for their Super Bowl LVII loss as Philly came back to win 21-17.

Donna was seen hours before the game Monday with a police escort as she donned a half-red, half-green shirt in honor of her sons’ teams.

The mother of the NFL stars waved towards fans, with one saying ‘love your boys!’

One police officer even held an umbrella above her head as strutted to the stadium as a vision of NFL royalty.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift was thousands of miles away in Brazil after postponing Saturday’s show to Monday due to extreme heat after a fan died of suspected cardiac arrest.