“To Hawaii in $10”: Patrick Mahomes is Taking Two Lucky Fans With Him on an ‘All Expense Paid’ Trip to Paradise, But There’s a Catch

Patrick Mahomes is one of the most adored quarterbacks active in the competition. Not only because he is a supremely talented footballer who made Kansas City proud by bringing home two Super Bowls in just 6 years, but also because he firmly believes in giving back to the community. To help out as many people as possible, Mahomes has established a non-profit organization called 15 and the Mahomes.

The organization focuses on uplifting children who live under unfavorable financial circumstances. It not only supports them by providing financial aid, but also by taking care of their overall well-being. Mahomes is vigorously involved in his foundation, so much so that 15 and the Mahomes is now giving a chance to the QB’s fans to grab the once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting their favorite star and his former soccer-playing wife, that too in paradise.

Patrick Mahomes is giving a once in a lifetime opportunity to a couple of his fans
The official account of 15 and The Mahomes announced that fans can apply to a program which will allow them to play golf at a luxurious location in Hawaii with Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes. However, there’s a catch.

In order for fans to become eligible for the one-in-a-lifetime trip, they need to donate $10 to the foundation. The price that the fans will pay will only help in bettering the lives of many underprivileged children. Also, they will get the chance to meet the iconic quarterback. All the fans have to do is bring sunglasses, sunscreen and Chiefs gear to enjoy a relaxing holiday with Mr. and Mrs. Mahomes!

Mom Brittany just can’t catch a break
On her Instagram, Brittney Mahomes often shares the difficulties of being a mother. In fact, the level of difficulty increases when the season starts, as Patrick Mahomes sets off for training while his wife is at home, taking care of the house and the kids. After looking at Brittany’s Insta stories, one can easily conclude that taking care of two children is quite challenging.

In her recent stories, Brittany showcased that while her adorable daughter Sterling was causing a riot outside of the house with water balloons, she was still enjoying it as frankly, these are the memories parents cherish forever.


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