The Kelce family were all smiles and laughs as they took photos marking their first holiday season as a family of five

Kylie Kelce is excited for the holiday season!

Debuting her family’s 2023 Christmas Card with PEOPLE, the wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce says that she had a “great time” getting her family together for the holiday card photo shoot, created in partnership with Minted.

The sweet family photos show the mom of three and her husband smiling with daughters Bennett, 8 months, Elliotte, 2, and Wyatt, 3, as well as the family’s two Irish Wolfhounds. Kylie, 31, tells PEOPLE that there’s never a dull moment trying to wrangle their family for a few photos.

Jason and I definitely, it’s definitely a joint effort to wrangle our children. There’s all hands going out to grab whoever we can, to make sure that we can keep them as close as possible,” she tells PEOPLE. “We had a few photos this year with the dogs which just adds a whole new level of challenge.”

It was honestly a great time this year, getting together for our holiday card. We had the same person we always use for our photographer, Stephanie Beatty. She is incredible,” she shares.

“We even had our babysitter out just in case we needed some extra hands. But it was made much easier because of Steph and her expertise and all the extra hands on deck.”

For their holiday card, the Kelces chose “Madras,” designed by Minted independent artist Megan Cash of Canton, Ohio. The front of the card features a festive plaid with a fun modern twist. The Kelces worked with one of Minted’s design associates to customize the colors to match the Eagles’ green. The back of the card features additional Kelce family photos and a personal holiday message.