Taylor Swift Dad Scott Kingsley send a deep warning to Travis ” get married to her now before it is too late

According to various reports, the couple spent the holidays together and even blended their families. Taylor – along with her parents Scott and Andrea Swift – reportedly spent Christmas Day at the Kelce’s Kansas home.

Travis And Taylor Blended Their Family Christmas Celebrations

It’s not only the in-laws that seem to all get along. Travis apparently has a special connection with Taylor’s brother Austin, who gave the NFL star a sweet gift over the holidays.

“Austin made me feel like a child because his gift to me was straight out of the bag —in the Santa sack. And handed me a VHS of my favorite football movie of all time: Little Giants,” Travis recently recalled on his New Heights podcast, where he’s gone into much detail about his relationship with Taylor over the last few months.

In fact, the podcast was how Travis first caught Taylor’s attention, after he shared the story with viewers of how he tried to give her his number on a friendship bracelet at one of her Eras concerts, though it was initially unsuccessful.

Though there were various reports that Taylor and Travis may get engaged over the holidays, that didn’t appear to happen, as no official announcement has been made. But it’s clear that the Swift and Kelce families are getting along well amid the blossoming (and high profile) romance.

Taylor’s Dad Was Called Out After His Mean Comments Leaked

However, there’s no word on how Travis feels following Taylor’s dad’s comments that were recently leaked online as part of an ongoing lawsuit.

The Swift family is currently facing a lawsuit filed by Taylor’s former manager Daniel Dymtrow, who claims he wasn’t properly compensated for work he did early on in her career. A series of emails allegedly sent by Scott Swift have been made public amid the lawsuit and it doesn’t paint him in a positive light.

In an email written to the manager, Scott apparently takes primary responsibility for his daughter’s success, writing, “Bear with me, I need to vent. I know one thing. No-one is going to aid you and Taylor in becoming successful more than I will.”

Taylor’s dad went on to complain about how much money he’s fuelled into Taylor’s career. “I am your banker and I am you and Taylor’s biggest fans. I will sell a s*** load of t-shirts,” he wrote. “Who gets to go to New York, New England and every cool appearance? Not dad. Can’t fix hair. Dad talks too much. Who pays for trips to New York? Dad.”

Many Swifties expressed surprise over Scott’s comments online. en. “The way he talks about Taylor like she’s a business, tells me everything I need to know,” one critic wrote via Reddit.

Another added, “The way that Scott talked about Andrea in that email is horrific…. he is a misogynist through and through.”

Taylor and Travis haven’t publicly acknowledged the leaked emails.