Taylor Swift Claim Travis Kelce “Is Built Like the Unemployed Alcoholic Uncle” After Watching Chiefs TE Without Pads

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles had a bye in week 10, giving the Kelce brothers, Jason and Travis Kelce, much-needed time to put together a Christmas song. They have released the third song from “A Philly Special Christmas Special” right before the two will face each other in the Monday Night Football game.

The NFL recently took to Instagram with a video of Travis singing a snippet of the song. In the video, the Chiefs’ TE can be seen wearing headphones and singing a few lines from a piece of paper he’s holding. He’s dressed in a tank top and shorts, just chilling and enjoying his bye week. The NFL, while sharing the video, wrote in the caption,

“Jason and Travis even rewrote the lyrics. Fairytale of Philadelphia is out now on all streaming platforms!”

As soon as the clip surfaced online, fans were left in a frenzy, seeing Travis without his usual pads and gear. They couldn’t simply believe how different he looked in the video. Many of them took to the comments, sharing their thoughts about Kelce’s unexpected appearance and his newfound passion.

One user wrote, “Looks like he’s built like the unemployed alcoholic uncle.”

Another chimed in, writing, “Travis looks like somebody’s dad in that tank 😭😭😭.”

A shocked fan wrote, “That’s what he looks like with no pads?!?!??? 🤯”

Fans also brought up Travis Kelce’s rumored girlfriend, commenting, “Taylor got Travis switching careers.”

Another fan expressed surprise, saying, “How they didn’t get Taylor on the album is wild.”

While fans were quick to throw shade at Travis, it’s important to highlight the popularity of these songs from their Christmas special among the fanbase. Travis joining the choir only makes it more entertaining.

Travis Kelce Joins Brother Jason for the Eagles Christmas Album
The Kelce brothers teamed up to remix the Christmas song “Fairytale of New York,” originally released by the band “Pogues” in 1987. It tells the story of an Irish immigrant spending Christmas Eve in a drunk tank after a wild night. This version of Travis and Jason’s song was released on Wednesday on YouTube.

Jason and Travis did a great job of making the New York song more about Philly. They even rewrote a few lines, playfully teasing each other and expressing their brotherly love. Plus, their voices naturally mix, making the song sound even better and more relaxing to listen to.