Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship examined in controversial new Hulu show that Swifites call “cringe”

If Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s new but blossoming relationship wasn’t in the spotlight enough, it now has its very own show on Hulu.

On TikTok, Good Morning America released the trailer for “Taylor + Travis,” a Hulu exclusive produced by ABC News’ Imppact x Nightline, but the first reaction from Taylor’s fans online was not very enthusiastic.

Swifties deem new Taylor and Travis show “cringe”
Few descriptions, reactions and reviews on the internet can be as damning as the term “cringe,” but that was the word that flooded the replies when the 30 second trailer for the new show began to circulate on social media. Other reactions spelled out the feeling in more words.

idk…this feels really very weird,” read one fan’s response on X, formerly Twitter.

“As a swiftie I love them together, but y’all need to chill wow! She’s just trying to live,” another chimed in on TikTok.

On the flip side, a handful of commenters under GMA’s TikTok were excited for the new details and new interviews about the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Spotify’s No. 1 artist that the show promised in the trailer.

“I know people hate this, but it reminds me of the celeb tv docs from the 2000s and I’m obsessed,” said one comment with over 1200 likes on TikTok.