Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Are Heading to Nashville and Going on a Romantic Getaway

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce might not be spending Thanksgiving together—she’s in Brazil and he’s in Kansas City with a bucket of KFC—but they have a TON of plans for the holidays.

Taylor has a lengthy break from the Eras Tour that’ll see her freed up throughout December and January, and apparently these two plan on spending every moment together.

“They have very detailed plans coming up while she’s on tour and he has games,” a source tells Us Weekly. “Taylor and Travis have the next few months completely laid out. They don’t want to start their relationship off with big gaps [in time spent apart]. They’re trying to be as much like a regular couple as possible.”
So, what’s on the agenda? Apparently Taylor and Travis want to spend time with each other’s families, and will then go on a ~romantic getaway~. As the source put it, “They love [getting together] with their families and friends, but right now, what they value above all else is alone time.”

According to another insider, the couple also plan to spend some time in Tennessee since “Travis hasn’t been to Taylor’s Nashville place yet” and “he’s really looking forward to it.”

Meanwhile, yet ANOTHER source says that “Travis has already started Christmas shopping and has some really special surprises [for Taylor] in store. Their connection is off the charts, and they can’t wait to celebrate together.”

Honestly so happy for these two!