Taylor goes home to the guy on the Chiefs! Swift moving in with Travis Kelce should be no surprise – the NFL star LOVES life in Kansas City and his $6m mansion can be a home base for America’s new favorite couple

Travis Kelce’s sparkling romance with Taylor Swift went up a level on Tuesday with DailyMail.Com exclusively reporting that she had moved in with the NFL star.

Back in October, it emerged that the Kansas City Chiefs star splashed out on the $6million property because he wanted extra privacy amid his romance with pop’s biggest star.

The new place is in a gated community in Kansas City and boats a waterfall, swimming pool and mini golf course, as well as three acres of land.

It is said to be incredible value for money, as well – if it was anywhere near Swift’s Tribeca apartment in Manhattan, it would cost three times as much as the $6m that Kelce splashed out of his own money.

For one, Travis has never been shy in saying how much he loves living there. He has been there his whole career since the Chiefs drafted him in 2013, having grown up in Ohio. His contract with the team is up after this season and he has made suggestions in recent weeks that retirement might come sooner than later.

But in truth, leaving the game after this season would be a massive shock. Despite a recent and brief wobble in form, he has been fantastic for the Chiefs overall this season and would be in a strong position to renegotiate a deal with improved terms on his current $11million annual salary.

Just this weekend, he became the fastest tight end in NFL history to pass 11,000 yards, reaching the landmark at an incredible rate of 154 games.

Recently, on the New Heights podcast he hosts with his brother Jason – who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles – he said being based in Kansas City was useful for getting around the country for road games in the football season – but that can extend beyond sport.

Responding to Jason – of the Philadelphia Eagles – talking about having a six-hour flight to Los Angeles to play the Rams, Travis said: ‘Dude, I am so fortunate I don’t have to deal with this s***.

‘I live in slap-dab the middle of America. So my flights don’t go over three hours. Three and some change, maybe, for Boston and Seattle.

‘That’s why I love playing in Kansas City – you really don’t feel like you’re out of your time zone. I’ve never felt the impact of a long flight, I guess.’

It’s something that could genuinely appeal to Swift – a short flight to either coast for someone who spends plenty of time in New York and California, as well as having ties to Nashville.