Swift, Mahomes draw fan ire following Chiefs’ loss to Raiders

the Las Vegas Raiders, attention has shifted from the field to the sidelines, focusing on two notable women connected to the franchise: Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes.

According to Marca, the emotional reactions of these women, both dating Chiefs players, have sparked a wave of criticism from disgruntled fans.

As the clock ran out in the fourth quarter, Mahomes, wife of the franchise player Patrick Mahomes, was visibly distressed, her emotions mirroring the frustration felt by fans.

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce expressed his frustration by throwing his helmet to the ground, requiring head coach Andy Reid to intervene and refocus him on the game.

Swift and Mahomes, present at Arrowhead Stadium, did not escape the watchful eyes of trolls as they looked upset during the Chiefs’ 20-14 loss.

Social media erupted with negative comments aimed at the two women, capturing the attention of fans and critics alike.

On X, one user bluntly stated, “Two most annoying people I can think of.”

Another labeled them “the biggest distraction in Chiefs history,” while a third expressed a surprising sentiment, saying, “I’m actually glad they lost now.” A fourth user added, “Lmfaoooo, this is great to see, man.”

But why are Swift and Mahomes disliked?

Swift, who entered the Chiefs’ orbit through her relationship with Travis Kelce, has faced backlash from hardcore football fans since her appearances at NFL games.

The league’s attempt to capitalize on her presence, evident when the NFL’s Instagram bio read, “The Chiefs are 3-0 as Swifties,” further fueled the discontent among fans.

Mahomes, on the other hand, is married to the Chiefs’ franchise player, Patrick Mahomes, making her one of the most prominent female figures in the sport.

However, her visibility has not shielded her from regular criticism throughout 2023.

Issues ranging from her attendance at games to her fashion choices and associations with Swift and Jackson Mahomes, pending trial for sexual assault allegations, have drawn ire from fans.