‘Should’ve Stopped This From Happening’ – Sister Feud Far Away From Ceasing as Venus Williams Breaks Silence on Serena Williams’ ‘Shady-Itis’

A petty feud between siblings is as natural as breathing itself. Serena Williams and Venus Williams have been joined at the hip ever since they started learning tennis. The two have matured quickly, but the sisterly fights have not ended. The two have also gone public with their joke feud. Venus recently made a funny comment which shows a continuation of normality between the two.

the first week of May, Venus gave an update to her fans about their ongoing feud. However, nothing had changed and Serena was still serving the punishment doled out by her older sister. Queen V said that she would forgive Serena if her younger sister shows signs of growth.

Venus Williams recently took part in another edition of Q&A on the Instagram account of her clothing brand company, EleVen. Many users dropped their questions on the Eleven by Venus Instagram account. The first question in the long Q&A series was about the Queen of the Court. Venus’ follower asked why Serena was a ‘shady’ person.

Queen V had a hilarious response to this question. She blamed her two older sisters, Isha Price and Lyndrea, for Serena’s naughty behavior. Venus also said that the two should’ve stopped this development.

“You know what, I don’t know. Honestly I blame Isha and Lyn for this. They were the older sister, should’ve stopped this from happening and now all of us are dealing with the aftermath of Serena shadyitis.”


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