Shocking Sparkling Reasons why Taylor Swift’s Parents and Travis Kelce’s Dad Watch Kansas City Chiefs Game Together on Christmas

Taylor Swift Parents and Travis Kelce Dad Attend Chiefs vs Raiders Game
Ray Tamarra/WireImage; Courtesy of Ed Kelce/Instagram
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have introduced their parents. Scott and Andrea Swift watched the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Las Vegas Raiders alongside and Ed Kelce on Christmas Day.

Taylor, 34, was seen in an Arrowhead Stadium suite with her family and her boyfriend’s father on Monday, December 25. Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce, was not in attendance as she previously announced that she would spend Christmas in Pennsylvania where her eldest son, Jason Kelce, is scheduled to play a game with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I will be in Philadelphia for Christmas, spending time with my grandkids as we cheer on their dad,” Donna, 71, told People on Thursday, December 21. (Jason and wife Kylie Kelce share three children, Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 10 months.)

Prior to introducing their families, Taylor met Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce, when she cheered him on for the first time at Arrowhead Stadium in September. Two weeks later, Taylor was spotted chatting with Ed while they watched the Chiefs win against the Denver Broncos.

Ed later gushed over how Taylor impressed him with her down-to-earth nature. “I’ll tell you something very special that I noticed about Taylor the first time I met her,” Ed told People in October. “We’re sitting in the suite, she gets up and in the front room, she gets up to go get a drink or something and she starts picking up empty bottles, cans, plates that are scattered around.”