Seeking nominations for top agents and managers helping athletes break into media and build careers beyond sports

Whether it’s scrolling through college athlete’s “get ready with me” videos on TikTok, turning on a Netflix docuseries about Formula 1, or streaming the Kelce brothers’ new Christmas song on Spotify, media has become a key link between fans and their favorite athletes.

In recent years, athletes have become more comfortable bypassing traditional media outlets to speak with their fans directly — hosting livestreams on social media, starting their own podcasts, and building an authentic personal brand online.

Name, image, and likeness in college athletics has also opened up doors for student-athletes to creatively build and monetize a fanbase.

Business Insider is looking for nominations for the top agents and managers helping athletes develop careers as content creators. We want to hear from our audience about the most innovative, disruptive, and powerful individuals in this arena.

We’re focusing on the talent agencies and management companies across Hollywood, sports, and NIL that are working with athletes. Specifically, we’re looking for those handling the business side of an athlete’s creative endeavors, rather the sports agents negotiating team contracts.

Check out our 2022 version of this list for an idea of the types of agents and managers we’re looking to include.

Please submit your nominations below, or through this form, by December 4.