See Referee Brad Allen and his crew suspended 7 Brutal Blasting Reaction to $10k fine and Referee licence withdraw,A fter controversial no-call on Patrick Mahomes pass…

BOSTON — It feels like it’s been a while since America has gotten a full-fledged botch job from an NFL officiating crew on a prime-time game. Referee Brad Allen and his officiating crew in Green Bay made up for that absence in spades on Sunday night.

While officiating any sport is challenging, the final drive of the Packers’ 27-19 win over the Chiefs featured at least three egregious wrong calls that had the NFL world up in arms late on a Sunday night.

Patrick Mahomes hit in bounds; Defender penalized for personal foul
Everybody knows that you can’t really touch a quarterback. But when the quarterback is a runner? And he’s in bounds? That’s a rare instance when Patrick Mahomes is fair game to be hit.

At least, in theory.

In practice, despite the fact that Mahomes had yet to step out of bounds while fighting for a first down when Jonathan Owens delivered a heavy hit on the QB.

The officials closest to the play did not throw a flag. But it looked like field judge Rick Patterson came in from a long way up the sideline to confidently tell Allen that the hit was delivered late and out of bounds. Allen looked like he had some doubt; Patterson did not.

The official was, of course, wrong. Nevertheless, Allen stepped to the middle of Lambeau Field and made the regretful announcement: “After the play was over, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, defense, number 34. Fifteen yards, automatic first down.”