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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Everything you need to know

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Are you tired of paying for website traffic? Are buying backlinks from other Websites and still no enough traffic to your website? Then this mini article is for you. In this article, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about SEO. That is Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization
By Meducate Online.

Now, before we begin our course, we first of all need to know what is SEO, and why is important to know. If you’re a content Creator, you must have the knowledge of search engine optimization, in order to get free organic traffic from Google.

Serch Engine Optimization is the process of writing quality contents, that can reach targeted audience on Google Search Engine Results. There are basically two types of SEO.

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

On-page Serch Engine Optimization:

On-page Search Engine Optimization is everything you do on the pages of your articles,within the site, that help your website ranks on Google and make it easier for people searching similar articles on the internet to see your own in the first two or five results, on top of Google.

Rules For On-page SEO:

The best steps to search engine optimization are as follow:

1. Go to your chrome browser and search for the keywords you want to Target and find out your competitors on that, and also see how their article or post is performing in the search results. You can also spy on what the article is about, that make it ranks on top of Google search engine.

2. Go to h-suppertools, the free SEO tools website by h-educate and check to see the monthly search volume and the difficulties to rank on Google. If you’re ok with the esults, use the keyword in the title of your article, If you’re not, use another keyword and Search for other related keywords you want to use in the tags.

Make sure to use low difficulty keywords, even if their search volume is low to be able to rank on those keywords on Google search engine. Search Engine Optimization is great for your website to rank on Google, if you make the correct choice of Target Keywords.

3. Install Yoast SEO Plugin and Monsteringht in your WordPress. In your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins and go to add new plugins and search for the plugins Yoast. Install the plugin and activate. Also do the same for the Monsteringht plugin. Install it and activate. Now that you installed these two plugins, you’re ready to skyrocket your journey on SEO, for your website.

Search Engine Optimization
By Meducate Online

You can see above, that I used Yoast SEO, the one with letter Y and Monsteringht, the one with letter H, to optimize my website and articles, to rank on Google.

Setting The Focus Keywords And Rules:

1. Using Yoast SEO, set the focus keyword in the meta description and in the slugan,and make it short. Because if the slugan is long, it will cut off when in the search engine.
2. Mention the focus keyword in the first paragraph of your articles and at least, mention in four more places in the articles, such as the subheadings of the articles.
3. Use H1 tag in the headings of the articles and H2 tags in subheadings and also mention the focus keyword.
4. Make sure that you use internal and external links in your articles. Linking to external high authority websites, is one of the best way to let Google know that you have a good website with great contents, and ross-link some of your articles that you have written before to each other, that helps Google crawle your articles and make them rank on search engine.
5. Optimize the title of your article, by using Monsteringht as mentioned earlier. You can use five to ten titles and see which one is the best to rank very well on Google. Try on the optimization, to reach at least 70 to 80% and you can see the signal turns to green at 70, 80 100%
Search Engine Optimization
By Meducate Online
  • 6. Add images and resize them very well for your articles to have attractions to your visitors and find it very easy to and understand your messages. Also never forget to set the focus keyword in the alt text of the images.
Keyphrase Density:

keyphrase density is the splition of the focus keyword in to multiple places in your article. You need to check properly to see if you have over used the focus keyword and consider reducing the number to 30%.

Readability Analysis:

Readability Analysis shows how easy or difficult people find your article to read on the internet.In this case, make sure you do everything possible to make the article readable to your visitors, by making good explanation about the terms used and making correct usage of your English grammar and make the language simple and straight forward to understand, by using simple words and the correct use of articles such as an, a, the, because and the rest where necessary. Now that you have read about on-page SEO, I am going to share with you some knowledge about off-page SEO. Let’s go.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On-page Search Engine Optimization is different from, Off-page, which is anything you do, to optimize your articles outside the website and is mostly done externally, such as guest posting, buying backlinks from website like SEOeStore and paying for advertising your site and so on. The best method to drive quality traffic to your website that visitors may remain permanently linked to is creating good and quality contents and correct Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Make sure you stay connected to our website. For more information and support, never hesitate to leave a comment below in the comments section. Come back the next day after implementing this strategy on your own website, and tell us how much this article has helped you. Also help us to share the article to your love ones.

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Search Engine Optimization