Rob McElhenney Bid $10,050 on Kylie Kelce’s Autographed Philadelphia Eagles Jacket: ‘Yes Please’

Some Philadelphia Eagles fans really don’t want Rob McElhenney to have that Kylie Kelce jacket.

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor upped his initial $10,050 bid to $35,000 on November 15 — and has been outbid once again.

“😮 okay jabroni. I’m getting that jacket,” McElhenney shared via X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, November 20. He posted a screenshot of a message reading, “You’ve been outbid,” noting that the new highest bid on the jacket is $50,000.

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star, 46, put down $10,050 in the auction, which launched Wednesday, November 8. “A great cause and the greatest jacket ever made? Yes please. @JasonKelce @Eagles @eaglesautism,” he tweeted, sharing a screenshot that indicated he was the top bidder. (As of this writing, the leading offer is $20,000.)