Prince Harry’s unexpected Christmas gifts that left staff feeling ‘guilty’

Prince Harry revealed he managed to organise two sentimental Christmas gifts for staff moments before officially stepping back as a senior member of the royal family.

In his book Spare, the Duke of Sussex revealed himself, his wife Meghan Markle and two senior members of staff were “hunkered down deep inside Buckingham Palace” on 8 January 2020 as they prepared a draft statement to release on Instagram.

Despite being a few days past Christmas, Harry was feeling festive and wanted to show his gratitude to those close to him when he stumbled across a Christmas tree near the main state room.

“I went out into the hall. There was a tall, beautiful Christmas tree, still brightly lit. I stood before it, reminiscing. I removed two ornaments, soft little corgis, and brought them back to the staffers. One each. ‘Souvenir of this strange mission,’ I said. They were touched. But a bit guilty.

I assured them: ‘No one will miss ’em.’ Words that seemed double-edged,” Harry wrote, before noting that the staff were also “anxious” about any repercussions surrounding their involvement in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s announcement