Patrick Mahomes will hate major NFL schedule change being voted on by owners

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has already expressed his disappointment for the Thursday Night Football changes set to come into effect next season. But NFL owners are set to vote on yet another rule change, which could lead to even more frustration for Mahomes and his fellow athletes.

NFL owners will take a vote next week to determine whether Thursday Night Football games can be rescheduled on short notice.

The NFL have ‘flexed’ games for many years, ensuring that the best match-ups are selected for prime-time viewing based on how the season pans out. The league are keen to alter Thursday nights after games saw a drop in viewers last season, and they’ve already announced that teams will be eligible to play more than one midweek game for the first time.

But after an unsuccessful vote back in March the owners are set to raise the issue again at their annual spring meet, with proposals allows the league to move games scheduled for a Sunday forward to Thursday Night Football at just 15 days notice. There has reportedly been pressure from Amazon Prime after an underwhelming start to their $1billion-per-season broadcast deal, but it’s not going to go down well with Mahomes.

Following the announcement that NFL teams will be eligible for more than one Thursday night game, Mahomes tweeted out a facepalm emoji illustrating his displeasure. Mahomes’ reaction prompted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to justify the decision in a press conference, but the prospect of rescheduling games is unlikely to be popular among most players.

Mahomes wasn’t alone in his stance, as New York Giants owner John Mara also criticised the decision by calling the flex plans “inconsiderate and abusive” to the fans who are forced to put up with it. “At some point, can we please give some consideration to the people who are coming to our games?” he said after the initial March vote.


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