Patrick Mahomes Wife Brittany Mahomes Discloses the $8 Million Worth Mahomes Family Stake

Patrick Mahomes Wife Brittany Mahomes Discloses the $8 Million Worth Mahomes Family Stake

Being an NFL player becomes very lucrative when you play like Patrick Mahomes. The Super Bowl champion earns a wealthy contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. Furthermore, he also has different brand deals that bring him a lot of wealth. With the extensive kind of wealth rolling in it, it’s obvious that the quarterback is smart about his finances and invests them in the right places. And this is exactly what he has done. One of the biggest investments the quarterback and his family have made has been in real estate and his wife Brittany recently revealed a small extent of it.

While enjoying a hot day out in sun, Brittany took to Instagram to answer some Q&A’s on her Instagram. While doing this, she revealed what kind of houses the family has.

Brittany reveals the Mahomes’ family estate holding

Through her Instagram Q & A’s, Brittany took to answering some interesting questions. There were answers about her son, Bronze. She revealed that he was not a planned pregnancy. She also took to Instagram to talk about how the family prefers to live in privacy and doesn’t really like too much attention. Furthermore, she also asked a question about how many houses she owns. Brittany went on to reveal that they currently own 1 house in Texas as well as 2 in Kansas City.

She reveals about the number of houses pointed towards one thing. It showcased how the quarterback and his family have been building an exciting real estate empire.

Patrick Mahomes and his budding real estate empire

While the quarterback earns a huge amount every year just from playing for the Chiefs, Mahomes has been investing pretty aggressively in real estate. As per the New York Post, the quarterback’s combined portfolio is worth about $8 million. The quarterback owns two houses in Kansas City, a vacant plot in Missouri as well as a mansion in Texas. The houses in KC include a condo as well as an upscale mansion in a wealthy neighborhood. Interestingly, this main house is 20 minutes away from Arrowhead Stadium. Lastly, the quarterback also holds ownership of a huge mansion in Westlake, Texas. This is where Mahomes, a Texas native, usually spends his off-seasons. All in all, the Chiefs quarterback has an expanded portfolio in terms of real estate and property he owns.

With the trajectory of his career, the quarterback is surely going to be making a lot more money that he can put into investments. It only remains to be seen what kind of other real estate investments he’ll make.


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