Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Had Unfortunate brutally Admission On Thursday

Patrick Mahomes' Wife Had Unfortunate Admission On Thursday


Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, revealed that their first child is starting to have a favorite parent.


Brittany Mahomes made a heartfelt confession about Patrick Mahomes and their daughter Sterling

“Hate to admit it, but Sterling is coming a serious daddy’s girl @PatrickMahomes,” she tweeted.



In February of 2021, Patrick and Brittany had their first child, Sterling Skye. Then, in November of 2022, they welcomed their second child, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III.

After the happy couple had Sterling in 2021, Mahomes said being a father is an “awesome” experience.


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“Nothing’s like having a kid and having someone that you’re going every single day knowing that you’re trying to take care of,” Mahomes said. “It truly is an amazing feeling to know I get to go to work every single day for something and then get to come home and enjoy the time I get with them.”

Hopefully, the Mahomes family gets to enjoy a happy and healthy offseason.


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