Patrick Mahomes And Co. Appreciate Andy Reid With a Captivating escalating Gift That Has the NFL World Doubled Over Ahead of

Patrick Mahomes knows his coach better than anyone else. Andy Reid had the joy of a kid on Christmas written all over his face. When the Kansas City Chiefs squad presented their beloved coach with a Christmas gift, the NFL world could never have guessed what it was. Reid’s unabashed joy after peering into the box would make one assume that his squad bought him something extravagantly luxurious.

But Andy Reid is a simple man. And simple people enjoy the simplest pleasures of life. So what caused the head coach’s thousand-watt smile?

Patrick Mahomes and the tight-knit Chiefs know their coach too well

A cheeseburger. No, you didn’t read that wrong. One of the most successful coaches in the league was over the moon because of a thick, juicy burger. The Kansas squad seems to have remembered what Reid said after the team won the Super Bowl three seasons ago. An ecstatic Reid had stated, “I’m gonna go get the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen!” And he was far from disappointed with the gift.

Fans online took one look at the video of Reid unveiling his Christmas present and exploded the comments section with their reactions. One fan asked a valid question, “How long that burger been in that box…”

This user stated that the head coach looked happier after seeing that the gift was a burger, “He was actually happier when he saw it 😂😂😂😂”

Another fan says, “W Gift, W Team”

This fan makes a valid observation, “I’m surprised that the burger didn’t move 🤨”

This user makes a statement, “Show me a man who doesn’t want a burger for Christmas and I’ll show you nobody”

Another fan takes a hilarious shot at Russell Wilson, “I hope Russ didn’t cook that”

One user exclaims, “This my first time hearing this man speak istg”

This fan made a funny comment, “They for sure getting them extra laps”

Another fan states the thoughts of the entire Chiefs Nation, “Gotta love big red”

The team will presumably be happy that their coach did not shake the gift box. Andy Reid would’ve been incredibly disappointed if his stacked burger looked more like a salad.