Officially confirmed that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift be at the Mahomes birthday party see proof from Brittany Instagram post

It is a major event for Patrick “Bronze” Lavar Mahomes III, who recently took his first steps. He is celebrating his first birthday party, which the Mahomes are calling “Bronze’s First Down.” As such, a big party demands big guests.

If the Mahomes “Friendsgiving” is anything to judge by, Chiefs tight end and Patrick’s favorite receiver Travis Kelce will get an invite and be a likely guest. He joined the early Thanksgiving celebration, but his girlfriend Taylor Swift , who has developed a close friendship with Brittany Mahomes since she started seeing Kelce, was unable to come due to her Eras Tour, which saw her performing across South America.

However, Taylor played her final show in Brazil on Sunday, and internet investigators reportedly tracked one of her private jets to a landing in Kansas City on Monday morning.

If it was indeed the 1989 star on the plane, she would theoretically be available to join her man Travis at Sterling’s … I mean, Bronze’s party.