NFL fans point out peculiar Brittany Mahomes coverage decision with Taylor Swift missing for Eagles-Chiefs

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes have reportedly formed a close friendship since the singer began dating Travis Kelce. The two have been spotted together in the suites during a few games Swift has attended. On Monday night, Swift wasn’t in attendance for the Kansas City Chiefs primetime showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fans noticed that the ESPN coverage of the “Monday Night Football” game didn’t show Brittany Mahomes watching the game. When Taylor Swift is at the game, the national coverage often focuses on the suite, showing the new friends celebrating their significant others’ success.

Brittany Mahomes posted her gameday outfit on Instagram, as she normally does ahead of Kansas City Chiefs games. After that, however, there was no sign of the Chiefs quarterback’s wife. Fans on Reddit believe that it was because Taylor Swift wasn’t sitting with her and that the media is only interested in showing the singer.

Travis and Jason Kelce’s mom Donna was shown during the broadcast a few times, watching her sons play.Below are some of the comments by fans on Reddit: