New Behind-the-Scenes Video of Jason and Kylie Kelce’s Christmas Card Is Even Better Than the Last

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It’s the holiday season, and all families know that this time of year comes with heartfelt traditions, time spent with loved ones, and a little chaos. All of those elements tend to come together when it’s time for the family Christmas card photo shoot.

Some parents fear the annual task, but NFL star Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie handled in stride, even with their three young daughters and two enormous dogs. The couple partnered with Minted to chronicle the event, and the behind-the-scenes videos are priceless. Kylie described the photo shoot as an “endurance game” and admitted that they “bribed the living daylights” out of their children. Still, one family member took the spot of dishonor on Kylie’s naughty list.

Fans of the Kelce family will remember that Jason and Kylie’s oldest daughter, Wyatt, identified Travis (aka her “Uncle Travvy”) as both “naughty and sneaky,” but he’s not on Kylie’s list this year.

So which Kelce is getting coal in his stocking? Minted shared a new behind-the-scenes video of their Christmas card photo shoot, and the answer is clear: It’s the family’s dog, Baloo. Kylie and Jason have two giant Irish wolfhounds, Baloo and Winnie. Winnie seems to be the better behaved pup, but Baloo “will eat anything in sight,” according to Jason. Kylie explained, “Person on the naughty list, Team Kelce, is Baloo.” She then announces, “If anyone has snacks, be careful!”

We can’t wait to see what the holidays hold in store for the Kelce family, both on and off the field.