Never Lost Herself’ – Coco Gauff’s Humility Despite the Rise to Fame Ignites a ‘Proud’ Feeling in Big Brother Chris Eubanks

Coco Gauff rose to fame in the 2019 Wimbledon when she beat Venus Williams in the first round. Since then, the tennis world has expected a lot from the teenage Gauff. She has achieved quite a bit since she turned pro, with much of her achievements taking place this year. Chris Eubanks is a player who is good friends with the star and recently came out to talk about her most admirable quality.

Eubanks is not alone in sharing uplifting comments for Gauff. The 19-year-old American sensation has also supported Eubanks whenever he has needed someone to lift him up. Now, her character is what lives in his heart.

Chris Eubanks on Coco Gauff’s best personality trait

As the tennis season ends, Chris Eubanks has appeared with Tennis Channel and dived into his year and various other aspects of the sport. In one segment, he was asked about Coco Gauff and what about her made him proud. Eubanks, with no delay, said that the kind of person she is, even after the success she’s seen, is what makes him proud.

He also went on to mention the period where many said that since she reached round four in Wimbledon at 15, she has to win at 17. Eubanks also talked about many coming forward to say she’ll never win a slam because of her forehand. He said that she heard the comments and used them as motivation.

Eubanks further said, “And even despite it going through and winning a 500 or 1000 and a grand slam, she’s still the same person going in supporting her younger brothers at their sporting events. Still trying to understand this newfound fame and celebrity that’s magnified times ten. Since that US Open and, she still remains such a great person to be around. She’s never lost herself, and to me, that is the biggest thing that I’m most proud of.”