Meghan Markle ‘refiguring’ Princess Diana’s ring into a ‘simpler design’

Meghan Markle sparked a new controversy after she ditched her engagement ring, £140,000 piece previously owned by Princess Diana, during public appearances since May this year.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has prompted many theories regarding her missing diamonds, including one that suggests she may have lost the stone previously owned by Princess Diana.

However, sharing her thoughts on the matter, jewellery expert Danielle Rogers-Clark, a professional stylist, said Meghan must be getting it redesigned.

Speaking with GB News, she said, “The Duchess of Sussex has always had a very strong sense of style,” adding, “The rest of her jewellery is always quite simple and classic with a chic twist.”

“This could reflect a change or desire for a more pared-back look,” she added. “For instance, by refiguring Princess Diana’s diamonds into a simpler design, or turning the large cushion cut diamond into another piece of jewellery.”

The expert continued: “I know that it is important to the couple that they have Diana with them on their journey. Meghan previously said, as she had never met Harry’s mother: ‘It’s so important to me to know that she’s a part of this with us.’”

“So, I feel those signature memory-filled diamonds will return soon enough.”