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Make money online passively with my strategies

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Meducate Online

People may wonder, is it possible to make money online passively, without money or skills ? What about total lack of preparation and budget? Is a website necessary for this passive income? The answer is a CAPITAL YES! It is very very possible! Focus here with me very well, to learn how to Make money online passively with my strategies.

In this article, I am going to guide you step by step in details strategies you ever need to start making passive income, real money online without any of the above mentioned capitals, to start cashing out money online.

Now, let’s get started.

Problems people Often face Trying To Make Money Online

The main question that people often ask themselves, when trying to start making money online is what to:

  1. What to Sell
  2. Where to sell
  3. How to sell

These are the main problems that people thought of, Ok. Don’t worry at all abut what to sell, where to sell and how to sell.You can promote other people’s products. The main key here is to go with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing in Berief:

What is affiliate marketing? It is simply picking a product from someone, eg. a company or any affiliate network, and promote that affiliate product and earn a commission from the sell. You see! Here you have no any product of yours, but someone’s product and you make money out there passively.

Make money online passively with my strategies
Meducate Online

Note: If you are new to affiliate marketing concept, read on how to promote affiliate links without a website here, full article.

Where can we get affiliate products to sell:

Now in this part, I am going to share with you the websites, where you can simply sign up and have some affiliate products to start promoting for free. Later, in this article, I will also share with you how to get traffic and start getting sells.

Even though I know that, 99% of some of you reading this article right now, will not try these opportunities, work hard and see how it works. But later they will start commenting me, how I can get affiliate links, how can I get sells and how can I get traffic and so on. Please, be patient enough to read this mini article, implement it and wait to start seeing the results in just few days.

Getting A Product: Affiliate Programs:

To make money online, you must at first choose a product to promote.There are many affiliate programs you can search for and use the ones that best suit your minds. However, some affiliate programs are difficult to join, while some are simple to join and are even not free to join. Which means, you have to pay some money to join or your promotional platform, must have some degree of traffic, before you can be allowed to join. So don’t worry about that for now, just focus on the main ideas of the article.

The first website to visit and sign up is the grated affiliate network of Warrior+plus.This is a very important step for beginners, who are looking for very simple ways to start their affiliate marketing programs. To start making money with warrior +plus is very easy.

Make money online passively with my strategies
Meducate Online

Now that you sign up for your affiliate program with Warrior+plus, go directly to Affiliate —–>Offers and find a product that suit your mind. Whatever niche you’r into, it does not matter. Whether it’s Food and Nutrition, affiliate marketing, Music or any other niche, you will find something to promote and make commissions. Here are some examples of some products from my dashboard offer on warrior+plus.

After you are with selecting your products, here you have to Request for Approval, to start promoting. The approval confirmation will be sent to your email address, telling you that you are approved for the offer and now go to the website and grab your link.

Appjam: The 8 in one Simple App you can get in Warrior plus.

Let me give you a Bonus: Warrior plus offers the cheapest Eight (8) in one App, called Appjam. This App has many amazing features as follow;

  1. You can design and create stunning images.
  2. Stock database with over 1000s of copyright free vedios, images and vectors.
  3. Appjam software will save you thousands of your monthly spendings.
  4. Access to fully autonomous webinar system.
  5. High quality funnels builder.
  6. Lead finder in any niche.
  7. High quality storage system.
  8. Create stunning and fantastic videos, with high quality Video Editor. Give it a try here.

My best website:

The second website that I can recommend for you is the ShareASale affiliate network, which is also one of the best affiliate network website for the best affiliate programs for both beginners and professionals. ShaerASale has tons of thousands of affiliate programs that you can join and start making money online with commissions.

Make money online passively with my strategies
Meducate Online

The third website you can also try is the Getresponse affiliate, which is one of the best email marketing platform that you send bulk or unlimited emails for your emails campaign ap price.

Make money online passively with my strategies
Meducate Online

How to get traffic and drive sells:

Getting traffic is one of the most important aspect in affiliate marketing and also one of the hardest part. But no worries at all. Because in this mini article, I am going to guides you step by step on how to quickly achieve that without tears.

The first and famous website, is the Q&A website of Quora.Go to quora.com and sign up for your acount and create a quora space and start writing some important articles related to your niche and paste internal links of your affiliate marketing program. Also, you can search for your related niche and start asking questions and answering questions and at the same time, place your affiliate links. Note that, it is very important to know that, you should not place your affilitae links nakedly on quora spaces, because you get banned. Place your affiliate links with the help of any Url shortner like bitly or any other url shortner, before placing your affiliate links and only place one affliate link in every five questions.

Other Free websites to get traffic:

After you have signed up on quora, also sign up on Reddit, search for your community and request for approval, to post an article or place your affiliate links, then go to sign up on LinkedIn.com. By following these strategies, I believe 100% if you exercise patient and continue doing that consistently, you Will get the results within few days. I made mention consistency, because is on anything you do is one of the keys for success. I still want to remind you that, you should never place your affiliate links without masking them. That is try and use any URL shorter like bitly, in order to cloak your affiliate links, and never place affiliate links always in quora spaces, otherwise you will get your account being banned.

For any recommendations or assistance, send your comments below. Everyone is welcome for any challenges.

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