Kylie Kelce Was Surprised at Daughter Wyatt’s Barbie Request to Santa: ‘First I’ve Heard of It’ (Exclusive)

Kylie Kelce’s oldest is ready for her Barbie era.

The mom of three recently chatted with PEOPLE about what her two older daughters, Elliotte, 2½, and Wyatt, 4, are asking Santa for this Christmas.

“Ellie is asking for dinosaurs. I have already placed my order to receive Dino Ranch things, just so we don’t forget,” Kylie, 31, tells PEOPLE. “She’s a big fan of the show Dino Ranch.”

Then we have Wyatt, who told Santa that she wanted Barbie, which is the first I’ve heard of it. But maybe this year’s our Barbie year, so we’ll see. She’s very into dolls and pretend play, so it might be it might be our first Barbie year.”

Kylie and her husband, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce are also parents to daughter Bennett, 8 months.

Speaking with PEOPLE about the magic of the holiday season as the family celebrated their 2023 holiday card with Minted, Kylie also opened up about the excitement surrounding Bennett’s first Christmas.

“I’m excited just to have her there. She’s very much like an observant kid. She is just along for the ride, the poor thing. Typical third kid, just carted everywhere with us,” she laughed. “She’s always under someone’s arm going along with the flow.”

“I’m excited because she is in a very reactive phase right now. She’s smiling and laughing and she’s clapping and so it’ll be really fun for her to maybe try and open a present,” Kylie continued.

“But mostly, just sit by and watch the excitement of her sisters, because she really does feed off of their energy, and so I’m sure she’ll be clapping the whole morning for them.”

Speaking with PEOPLE about her partnership with HoneyBaked earlier this month, Kylie talked about how Wyatt is also interested in helping out in the kitchen.

“Our oldest Wyatt, just got to do the Mama Kelce dinner rolls at Thanksgiving,” she shared. “So now, she thinks that she is the queen of the rolls.”

Kylie continued, “So, I think for our Christmas meal, she will end up helping my mother-in-law again because they absolutely nailed it. They were outstanding as usual.”