Kylie Kelce Talks Elf on the Shelf, Christmas Traditions and Why They’re Postponing the Holiday (Exclusive)

Kylie Kelce is starting to shape what her family Christmases will look like for years to come.

Speaking with PEOPLE about the holiday season and her partnership with Honey Baked, the mom of three, 31, talked about establishing traditions with husband Jason Kelce and their daughters — Bennett, 8 months, Elliotte, 2, and Wyatt, 3.

It’s fun because we’re sort of in the process of building them right now because our kids are younger,” she tells PEOPLE.

“We are an Elf on the Shelf family. I would say we are a minimal-effort Elf on the Shelf family, though,” Kylie laughs. “Our elf’s name is Emmy Nemi, as in an M&M. When Wyatt couldn’t say M&M’s, she came up with it, so now her name is Emmy Nemi.”

“She, some nights, builds a toilet paper snowman, and other nights, just moves to another shelf in the living room. It’s pretty much whatever we can handle,” Kylie admits.

The family also enjoys going to cut down their own Christmas tree as they prepare for the holidays.

“It’s not something either of us did as kids, so it’s kind of fun to add that to the mix,” Kylie says. “You get to do a little tractor hayride and go pick your tree in the field, and then dad gets to lay on the ground and cut it down for us. So it’s fun.”

When it comes to holiday plans, the family’s Christmas will get postponed a day, as Jason and the Eagles will be playing against the New York Giants on Christmas Day.

“We actually will be celebrating Christmas on the 26th,” Kylie tells PEOPLE. “Lucky for us, our girls cannot read a calendar yet, so we are going to take full advantage of that and pretend that Christmas is the 26th. And I mean, top-to-bottom, presents and all, 26th of December.”

It’s her hope that all three of the girls will be up to cheering their dad on during the Christmas Day game.

“The plan, right now, is to take the girls. I always say the plan is to take the girls because if push comes to shove, we can make other arrangements for them — whether it’s because of the weather or they’re just not into it. But they’ve been talking about getting back to a game, so that is the plan right now.”