Kylie Kelce Dishes on What It’s Really Like to Have Donna & Ed Kelce As In-Laws

While Taylor Swift has just recently entered the Kelce-sphere via boyfriend Travis Kelce, Kylie Kelce has been part of the Kelce family for more than eight years now. She became “Instagram official” with her husband Jason Kelce in Nov. 2015, and the two tied the knot in April 2018. Now she’s revealing what it’s like to have Mama and Papa Kelce as her mother- and father-in-law.

“I was on the outside at the beginning because I’m married in,” she told ABC’s Impact x Nightline. “The most amazing part is that I was welcomed in with open arms.”

And all of that checks out. Of course she — like anyone — would feel like an outsider to start. But based on everything we’ve seen and the conversation SheKnows’ Parenting Editor Rita Templeton had with Donna Kelce, we’re not surprised to hear the family is super welcoming.

“They’re a pretty small family, so it is a little bit of an adjustment,” she said. “But it feels so warm and inviting like I think a big family feels, like it was sort of second nature to hop in there. And it is as fun as you think it is.”

Given Jason’s recently revealed obsession, it really does have to be a blast. Because even if Kylie is over the endless rounds of Aladdin, we have to imagine the rest of the family has fun quirks.

One could say the only thing to watch out for is Ed Kelce’s reputation for making things cringe. That said, Jason and Travis insist that Ed is the “best f*cking dad in the world,” and we hope Kylie thinks he’s the “best f*cking father-in-law.”