Kylie Kelce Calls out’Terribly Inconvenient’ During Ultrasound Days Before Her expected fourth pregnancy Due Date

Kylie Kelce wasn’t expecting the end of football season and the end of her pregnancy to coincide.

In a scene from the Amazon Prime documentary Kelce — which follows the Philadelphia Eagles center, 35, through the 2022-2023 season as he grapples with retirement — the pregnant mom goes to an ultrasound appointment.

When we firmed up a due date and then they had gone on a winning streak, I went to an OB appointment and was like, ‘Hypothetically speaking, if I had to go somewhere and I was 38 weeks pregnant, would you go with me?'”

“Because while we’re out there, he would be of no use to me. And if anything’s going to put me into labor early, it’s watching a Super Bowl,” she says in a voice-over as she’s examined on screen.

“So if everything goes to plan, it would be terribly inconvenient for them to make the Super Bowl, and so very likely that it’s a possibility.”

The couple ended up welcoming daughter Bennett Llewellyn in March, joining big sisters Elliotte, 2, and Wyatt, 3.

Speaking with PEOPLE ahead of the big game, Kylie said she was feeling “very pregnant.”

“With number three, it’s all familiar feelings. It’s like right when you think there’s no room left, somehow your body makes room,” she shared. “So we’re still stretching, even though I swear there’s no room.”

At the time, the NFL wife explained that she started talking with her doctors about this possibility in the fall, during the team’s eight-game winning streak.

“I went to my appointments back in the fall when they were still on their win streak. They were undefeated at the time, and we just had a moment of, ‘Hypothetically speaking, the due date lines up very well with a Super Bowl date. If we happen to need to discuss that, would someone be open to coming with me?’ ” Kylie shared.

“And of course, they were very understanding of the situation and said, ‘Of course, hypothetically speaking’ that someone would be able to accompany us.”